We provide personalized services from student instruction to parent consultations. As a whole, our students’ results include improved grades and test scores, better study habits, favorable acceptance rates and positive adjustments to new schools. Just as important, we see increased confidence, higher aspirations, and more interest in school and learning.

All of our students benefit from personalized tutoring: Our pre-school students become more prepared for kindergarten, our K-12 students consistently demonstrate improvement in grades and motivation, and our high-school students are much more equipped for college success.

100% of students with consistent attendance improve significantly in skills assessments by the end of tutoring programs.

88% of K-12 applicants to private or parochial schools accepted to their first choice of school, 98% accepted to one of their top three choices of schools.

93% of kindergarten applicants accepted into one of their top two choices of private schools.

93% of applicants to Punahou accepted.

85% of applicants to Iolani accepted.

100% of SSAT students improve scores from initial SSAT to final SSAT, with the majority improving in all test categories.

100% of SSAT elementary level improve in pre and post-assessments of SSAT skill areas.

95% of SSAT middle level students improve over 100 points or more.

100% of SAT and ACT students improve test scores from initial to final test, with over 75% improving in all test sections.

Positive results extend far beyond test scores and acceptance rates. Our students become more focused on making the most of a given report card or school transition. Tutoring and academic achievement also helps students improve their self-esteem and aspirations.

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