Individualized instruction is at the foundation of all our services. We offer proven programs of instruction for test preparation and private school admissions, and we create tailored curricula and programs to address unique student needs and family requests. Our tutors use a wide variety of materials and teaching methods to keep students interested and on-track for success.

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  • Tutoring (1-1 and 1-2 ratios) available year round to catch-up, stay on track, get ahead, and/or improve skills, grades, test scores and college-readiness.
  • Small group classes and special activities such as “Prep-Rally” before admissions tests, pre-k support, private school interview support, and more for those enrolled (or previously enrolled) in tutoring.
  • Summer programs supplement tutoring and include Math Blast, Writing Intensive, I Can Read, and new features every summer.


A diagnostic assessment of each student’s skills, strengths and challenges is an important initial step to ensure the most effective and efficient tutoring. We share this valuable information in conferences with parents and caregivers to help them plan for their child’s tutoring, schooling, and success. Your goals are an important part of the process and we tailor comprehensive and informative evaluations to help address your concerns. We recommend this service as a “check-up” at key times in a child’s academic life.

Tutoring Academic Skills

Academic skills include early reading, listening and reading comprehension, writing (development, composition, grammar, and presentation) and math (preschool to college). Crucial areas of instruction also include critical thinking, problem solving, and organizational and study skills.

Kindergarten Readiness & Early Learning

Kindergarten readiness and early learning programs are enhanced by evaluation and pre-school screening tools, and usually start at three and half years-old and up. Tutoring is a well-structured, fun-filled opportunity to introduce your child to the joy of learning and ensure they benefit from all their pre-school program has to offer.

Tutoring also helps those students who may need extra attention and preparation.  Instruction covers skills such as alphabet and number concepts, phonics, body-awareness, following directions, fine and gross motor skills, sequencing information, and story development.

Tutoring is beneficial for young children who need more diversity or a positive challenge in their education and provides enrichment to keep them engaged and progressing.


Reading and Critical Thinking Skills

Whether summarizing, organizing, memorizing or inferring information, tutoring can address core skills that will make a difference in academic success as well as improve test scores. Critical thinking skills apply to all academic skill areas and are incorporated in tutoring where needed, such as to improve success with math word problems, essay development and reading comprehension.

Reading related programs incorporate phonics and decoding skills as well as whole language instruction. Depending on your child’s needs, tutoring may include an emphasis on word attack skills, vocabulary development, and/or improvement in listening and reading comprehension. Evaluations help identify exactly which reading and comprehension skills need the most focus, and what deficits are causing poor reading performance, disinterest in reading or poor homework habits.



Math includes computational skills as well as concepts, application, and problem solving skills from beginning math to calculus and the styles of math in each type of admissions test. Math tutoring helps our students both enjoy and achieve more in math classes and exams.

Our math program covers skills from kindergarten readiness through Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. We analyze what is causing challenges or poor performance in math and address any blocks to progress.

Test Preparation

Tutoring covers SSAT and ISEE all levels, PSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, PRAXIS AP exams, and more. Teaching methods and curricula are consistently updated to help students best prepare for changes in admissions criteria and test format, including the new SAT. Students learn the most effective test-taking techniques and benefit from tutors with expertise in specific content and skill areas covered by exams. Admissions preparation also includes interview techniques and essay writing skills.


College Preparation

College-preparation tutoring is for students who want to advance into their school’s college-bound “tracks,” need support with the college admissions process, and need to improve skills and study habits before freshman year of college. Evaluation and personalized instruction ensure students reach and excel in advanced courses and new schools.

Subject Tutoring

  • Scholastic Subject Areas include AP and IB courses, algebra, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, biology, physics, Spanish and more. Experienced tutors bring a range of expertise to support students in advanced studies.
  • English as a Second Language available 1-1, 1-2 and small groups upon request. Integrated into other programs and student instruction areas when appropriate or as a separate program. English language tutoring is available for preschool age children to adults.

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