How is Learning Unlimited different from other tutoring services?

We are locally owned and responsive to Hawaii’s students. When we develop a program of instruction, we take into consideration a child’s unique strengths and challenges as well as his or her past learning experiences and preparation. We utilize the most effective evaluation tools to pinpoint and address any blocks to progress and success. We have a wealth of teaching materials and expertise to address each student’s needs and goals.

Our key features include:

  • Personalized and professional instruction.
  • Low student-teacher tutoring ratio (1-1 or 1-2).
  • Student-teacher pairings are well-thought-out to fortify positive connection, consistency and student achievement.
  • Strategic program planning to ensure results-oriented instruction.
  • Affordable tutoring center rates.
  • Responsiveness to family’s and student’s changing needs and goals.
  • A spacious, welcoming, child-friendly setting for students of all ages.

What types of students are enrolled?

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and school systems including public, private, parochial, and international schools. Some students attend who are learning English for the first time. Other students attend for homework support so that parents can be sure homework is adequately addressed and grades are at their best. Many students continue to attend Learning Unlimited long after they are accepted into the school of their choice to ensure they keep up with peers and feel confident in school.

We have a proven track record in preparing students for the next level of education. We know how to teach for student success, whether for private school admission, advanced placement courses, college acceptance, or the important first step into kindergarten.



What is the time frame of programs or tutoring?

Attendance may vary from a few weeks of intensive support (last minute test-prep, kick-starting the school year, English immersion) to several months or a year if remedial education is needed. An estimate of time needed to address areas of concern and reach specific goals is provided after the initial evaluation and consultation. The pace also depends on your child’s progress and regular attendance. Tutoring sessions are usually one to two hours.

We also provide on-going support for students we’ve known for years. These students benefit from the attentive staff and the scholastic environment of our learning center. Whether students need homework support or more challenge, we help them keep up and move ahead academically.

What about special requests?

Yes, we can handle special requests. Examples: we have created small classes based on special requests by families of three year-old children, we accommodated earlier or later than usual tutoring times, and we offered extended length sessions to students motivated for extra test preparation. We also created an early morning summer tutoring program for students visiting Hawaii so that they could maintain their academic skills and still attend day-time summer programs.

We are able to tailor our materials and instruction to meet students’ unique needs. We welcome your ideas questions.


How much does it cost?

Fees are outlined with clients directly and are based on goals, evaluation results, and student needs. Payment is by program or by month to reserve space and ensure enrollment in the center’s services. We do not lock families into payment contracts.

Evaluation: $75 (Pre-K – 1st graders) or $105 (2nd grade and higher)

The evaluation involves spending time with your child to assess the relevant skills and behaviors that impact their learning and achievement. We offer at least an hour or more per assessment, and suggest 2 hours or more for older students. This is followed by a consultation appointment for a thorough review of all evaluation results along with discussion of your goals and our recommendations.

Registration for 1st time students: $35

Covers initial materials and set-up costs, student’s own binder with curricula and progress notes.

Returning clients are welcome with no registration fee.

New families refer to this website and receive free registration!

Instruction: Prices range from $40 to $68 per service hour. Sibling discounts available.

Hourly tutoring fee includes instruction, tailored materials, regular updates for parents, re-evaluations as needed.

Call 808-737-5538 to learn more and ask your questions.