Since 1989, Learning Unlimited has served Hawaii’s children and families. We provide personalized education services at affordable rates for students three years old through college. We work closely with families and students to ensure the greatest possible success. Our highly qualified tutors use proven curricula and teaching methods to effectively prepare students for today’s changing admissions, academic and career demands.

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Our Expertise

As a well-established, locally owned company we are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of Hawaii’s students. We are known for our expertise in student evaluation and personalized instruction. Unlike franchises, we are free from the limitations of one-size-fits-all programs, mainland directives, and generic education. Our in-depth initial evaluation and consistent monitoring of student’s progress helps ensure effective instruction and academic success.

Our Philosophy

We believe it is important to evaluate how each student thinks and learns, and to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We take the time to understand every student and to design the most valuable tutoring program for each one. This tailored approach is the springboard to academic achievement and makes learning more productive and fun. We are also committed to a low student-teacher ratio and affordable tutoring rates.


Our Tutors

While we use technology as a tool for teaching (e.g. laptops, the latest test-prep programs), our highest priority is to develop the positive and crucial connection between student and tutor. Individualized attention and support can transform a child’s boredom to inspiration, and help a struggling student accomplish more in an hour than in a full day at school!

Tutors at Learning Unlimited love to teach. They are highly qualified, experienced professionals who know how to connect well with students of varied learning styles. Representing a wide range of expertise, our team covers the gamut of skills, school subjects and test preparation. They are also committed to making the one-to-one learning experience enjoyable and productive.

Our Students

We are committed to meeting our student’s academic needs. We share parent’s concern for their child’s progress and success. Families value our informative student evaluations, regular communication, and helpful progress updates.

We successfully tutor students from public, private, and parochial schools as well as students who visit Hawaii for a short time. Students who have English as their second language advance academically with us as well. We have a proven track record in preparing students for the next level of education, whether it be private school admission, advanced placement courses, college acceptance, or the important first step into kindergarten.

We look forward to teaching your child.

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